Cooking Level TableEdit

This table shows all possible items related to Cooking.

Icon Name Code Unlocked at Level
Raw Shrimp
Raw Shrimp 317 1
Raw Lobster
Raw Lobster 377 40
Raw Monkfish
Raw Monkfish 7944 62
Raw Manta Ray
Raw Manta Ray 389 91

Training CookingEdit

For the most effective and fastest way to get to 99 Cooking, you should be following this suitable/suggested training route.

Level 1 to 40
Shrimps Name Quantity
Shrimps 13
Level 40 to 62
Lobster Name Quantity
Lobster 25
Level 62 to 91
Monkfish Name Quantity
Monkfish 372
Level 91 to 99
Manta Ray Name Quantity
Manta Ray 331

Cooking tipsEdit

  • Stay close to a range and spawn the fish you are cooking, after they are cooked you type ::empty and empty your inventory, after that you spawn the fish again and restart the process.
  • You can also use ::bank while cooking. Simply bank your cooked fish and take out raw fish.


Cooking Hood Untrimmed Cooking Cape Trimmed Cooking Cape
Cooking Hood Cooking Untrimed Cooking Trimed